Collection: Massage Stickers

There's not enough funny stickers that are relatable to massage therapists out there in the world, so I decided to make some! Feel free to browse through the collection and see which one speaks to you. Personally, the Drama at the Envy Sticker says it all for my experiences there.

These glossy, water-proof stickers are perfect for long term use on a water bottle, tumbler, or laptop. Brightly colored and shiny, they will bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

These waterproof stickers are made of vinyl using non-soluble inks, which means your stickers won’t slide off in wet conditions, and your colors will remain bold and vibrant. Stickers can be removed without leaving residue. Because of their vinyl nature, they're water-proof but NOT dishwasher safe or CAR safe. Print might fade. Hand-washing recommended for tumblers or bottles they're used on.

Please be careful with your new sticker! While it's made of vinyl, it can still tear if you're careless with it.

Glossy finish! Most of these geek stickers come with an edge for easy peel.

Stickers are ~3 inches at the longest point, complete dimension vary by design.

★ High color, quality vinyl sticker
★ Individually die-cut to the shape
★ Easily removable
★ Water-proof but not dishwasher safe
★ Hand-washing for mugs and tumblers with stickers

All stickers are packed by hand and wrapped for their own protection before being placed in a sturdy envelope and probably with a few extra geek stickers to boot!

Stickers will be shipped within 2 days of ordering and arrive by USPS stamped or tracked mail so timing may vary. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

The Massaging Geek is a small business run out of our home. Each design is hand drawn or designed digitally for the highest quality color and made with the highest admiration for the pop culture references that inspired them. I’ve literally shouted “I LOVE YOUR SHIRT” to a man across a crowded street who was wearing a video game t-shirt with an obscure reference on it. He got a kick out of meeting someone who understood his shirt. Each design is intended to test the geek knowledge of those around you and give you both a thrill when someone gets it. Go out and share the geek love!

Thank you for stopping by and God bless!