Glowing things for comfy feels

Glowing things for comfy feels

I admit that I can anxious, I'm pretty sure that I'm not unique in that aspect. And I know that nostalgia brings a huge sense of comfort and good feelings whenever we indulge ourselves, but can you indulge yourself in something that wasn't around when you were a kid? Can you let your inner child seek comfort from a toy that didn't exist back then?


I definitely think so! Granted there were a couple of things that were similar to what I'm talking about, there was a glow worm, and I had a teal guy with a heart and fluffy hair that would glow when you squeezed it.

Why could I not remember that they were called Snugglebumms? That's a great name!


So needless to say as an adult with my own income I seek out comfort and childish ways because I never grew up. I wonder if any of us late gen xers ever did? Then again maybe Millennials didn't either haha.


In my quest to find props to Aid in creation of sticker photos for my sticker shops, I sought out things that were cute and fit with my style. I'm including the Amazon links because this is where I got them, and where there's more information about the products should anybody want one too. I am an Amazon affiliate which means I may receive a commission, but that's not my goal, my goal is to spread the cuteness!



I found this guy, he's kind of supposed to be a dumpling? But he's super cute and I love the smile.


But that wasn't enough, he was cute yes and he changes colors, but I had narrowed in on the winner yet. That one squishy thing that would win my heart completely.


So next I tried this on, but ultimately I ended up giving it to my mom because she wanted something that would be an easy night light for her next to her bed.


After testing out these products and realizing they weren't the ones that I was looking for even though they are pretty cool and I still have mine and Mom still uses hers daily, I found the winner. The one that won my heart over and over and that I still use every time I go out of town just in case there's not a night light in the room.

I was never a unicorn type of person before, but now I totally am! SO CUTE!

Just a pic of it makes me feel as warm and fuzzy. I wanna curl up with a blanket and a great movie - scary or not. Cause he'll protect me! Haha.


Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great one! 

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