Halloween Costumes for Spa Work

Halloween Costumes for Spa Work

Okay, we're massage therapists, right? Well maybe you are. I don't know.

 Hi! I'm Nirelle and I'm an MT at least and here's the problem that we have around this time of year - WE WANNA DRESS UP! 

Of course there are a whole niche of Halloween costumes that we wanna stay away from given our line or work - think Mean Girls with the animal ears and lingerie.

 Absolutely no judgment against anybody who wants to dress that way, but we definitely can't do it in the spa setting. We could do actual animal but that would be way too hot. 

 Most of the spots that I worked at said that it was okay for you to dress up as long as you were wearing your uniform. So one year I wore my uniform, slept in braided hair and makeup, drew a keyboard indention on my face, and tied popcorn into my hair. Then I put on my spa top, a pair of pajama pants and my dragon slippers. The key part was wearing my headphones around my neck. I went in as a gamer who overslept for work the next day.

 I know, genius right? But not very many people got it. I had to explain it to a few. There was one year that that same Spa allowed us to wear whatever we wanted as long as it was decent, and I cross gender dressed as Mal from Firefly.

 I regretted it. I used a fake gun holster as my massage holster and it was terrible. I was massaging in knee-high boots, suspenders, and two layers of shirts. I was miserable. I looked awesome, but I was miserable.

 There has to be a fine line right? A costume that makes sense and includes your spa top but also is comfortable to wear and work in.

 As an Amazon Affiliate, I may receive a commission from purchases made. Here's some ideas that I found on the internet. And at the end I'll let you know which one I chose!



The Classic Head Toppers

The Cheesy Ones

Headband Halloween costumes such as witches hats, bats, purple horns, and bug eyes

There is always the stereotypical classic look of just wearing a headband with something creepy on it. Personally I like the witches hat with the spider webs on it. It would be really easy to come up with a spider web draping on your spa top that would match it and amazingly cute makeup possibilities to go with it. These would be easy to wear and easy to massage in, but you might need a bobby pin or two. 


 The I Need To Be Fancy Crown

 This golden crown atop your head would absolutely make the best impression on a new client! You can match it with gold and diamond earrings, as well as a necklace. If you're feeling particularly daring you could even put an arm bracer over your spa scrubs. Either way, this Halo brings out how much of an angel you are to massage.


 The Queen of the Flowers 

 We work in an industry where nature reigns Supreme. Showing up to your day at work in a glorious headdress of roses will drive that point home to any client you work on. 


 The Ready For An English Tea Mini-Hat

 Personally I love steampunk and most things from the Victorian era. Not necessarily the dying from arsenic in the wallpapers kind of Victorian era, but the fashion and Prestige that they brought to the table during an English tea is unmatched. This is a hat I would absolutely wear and pair with a Victorian style necklace and possibly a steampunk brooch on my shirt.


The Minimalist Troublemaker

 Want to just go for the cut and dry? Super easy and comfortable, but getting straight to the point of your costume hehe. Match it with anything black, like a choker or some earrings and some killer makeup and you've got this one down. 



 Cosplay At The Spa

  Ahsoka - Star Wars

 Ahsoka is absolutely a badass Force user, and luckily this headpiece is fabric so it would be easy to wear and easily breathable. Personally I would rather put the markings on my face in Orange and kind of flip the colors rather than cover my entire face in orange paint for working in a spa. I don't want to drip orange sweat onto my shirt haha.


Grogru - also Star Wars

 Or baby Yoda as he is most of the time known as, he's just adorable. Star Wars fan clients would love to see their therapist wearing anything that resembles Yoda ears, and it would be comfortable to wear as well.


 Jayne - Firefly & Serenity

 The take no prisoners mercenary Jayne Cobb from Firefly had one Achilles heel. A hat that was gifted to him that was handmade by his mom. The hardcore man melted when he saw it and smiled and it remained a treasured belonging of his. It's a simple hat that most people probably wouldn't recognize, but if you're a fan of the show you would find utter delight and seeing someone wear this.


Strawberry Shortcake Crocheted Hat - Strawberry Shortcake 

 If you watched this berry cute cartoon, you might love this one as much as I do! Strawberry Shortcake was my JAM! (Disclaimer - all puns intended). This design is Handmade by a small business and it's insanely cute! Now if only we could bring back that original Strawberry Shortcake scent... Ah, I'd be in heaven.



 The Cartoon Wanna-be's

 King Me! 

 These little handmade foam tiaras are so cute and just shout that you're as cute as they are. The first thing I thought of when i saw them was Princess Peach from the Mario Franchise and that's probably what I would play into with one. Or go all in with matching big pink plastic earrings and necklace to go with it. And through in a Ring-Pop when I wasn't doing hands on.


 The Lucky Girl 
Okay, confession. When I found this one, I was just thinking of Rainbow Brite and Patty O'Green. But it turns out that this is a St. Patrick's Day celebration "wig", hence the shamrock on the bow. I would still wear this as a green themed costume and play into the Irish! Go in with some freckles, green eye makeup, and green glitter - wait no. No glitter... It's awkward when you get glitter on a client. 
  ARRRRRRen't You Loving This One?

 SUCH an easy one to play around with! There's this one and there's even a Jack Sparrow looking one in the listing. Tie a sash around your waist and don one gold hoop and the eye patch if you're willing, which would actually do what it's suppose to in this case and you'd be able to see in the dark when you step into the darkened room and take it off! Dang, I just got excited for this one. I might do it!


 The Wonderful Truth
The spa industry has given the world the perception that your troubles will start to melt away the instant you walk in the building. Okay, we (the workers) need people to think that too, but I digress. My point is that working in a spa is hard work. You have to maintain superhero levels of patience, energy, and sometimes just plain biting your tongue to work there. This costume just lays it all out there and tells the truth. You're a super hero for what you do!

The Mask Options

You're Natural Royalty

Working in an environment that praises all things natural, this is a natural choice. Until now, I was staying away from things being on your actual face, but this could work as a really great mask for spa work. Add some little sprigs of lavender and you'll fit right in with the aromatherapies! 


For The Kid In You

 Admittedly, seeing your Massage Therapist wearing a mask is a little awkward in an environment where clients are supposed to completely trust around them and here's someone covering their face, but this one might make them laugh. Timon would probably like the prank. And a few tropical flowers and a grass skirt over the scrubs would be a great addition!


 The Best Of Them All 

 Donnie Darko for the WIN!



Please don't take me seriously on that last one haha.

Of all of them, I keep coming back to the Strawberry Shortcake one for my massage spa costume. Maybe it's because I'm a redhead or that I'm still a kid, but it's the one that caught my eye the most. So yay! Strawberries win!


I hope you enjoyed the choices! Please let me know which one you chose, whether any of these or if I just inspired you to come up with something better! Tag @themassaginggeek on Instagram and I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!


Thank you for being here and God Bless!





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