Creepy AND Relaxing Massage Space?

Creepy AND Relaxing Massage Space?

Okay, it's August which means it's basically Halloween season. Can we just all agree on that? I thought so.


Personally I am the kind of person that likes a subtle touch to my decorations. I don't want things to be in your face when it comes to my massage space. Hey that rhymed!


I went on a journey down the rabbit hole on Amazon to see if I could find Halloween decorations that would match my color scheme or not be too creepy or cheesy. I was very picky to choose things that had a natural look to them, or that I could use in a subtle way.


It's definitely a fine line to keep the massage space a relaxing one but have a classy, non-cheesy Halloween aesthetic. I suppose you could go all in and have the cheapest, gaudy decorations from the dollar store but none of us want our offices to smell like bad rubber and plastic. And that definitely wouldn't give our clients a good impression of ourselves as profession massage therapists! 


Given that most massage therapists like to go down the nature path, and Halloween can absolutely be natural and creepy, this is the way I'm choosing to decorate this year with a little more classy spooky with a black twist which fits in with my decor already. 


Here are some of the things that I found, please feel free to give me feedback because I would love to know what other massage therapists think about this. I am an Amazon affiliate, but that's not the point of this, I'm curious about how other massage therapist decorate for holidays. This is how I do it.


Vine table drape with lights

Vine Halloween decor

This is an excellent idea for those of us that have a desk or table in our rooms. It's natural vine appearance fits in well as the warm glowy feel that I have in my room. 



Black Bunny Tails Arrangement

These can easily replace any fake flowers you may have as your normal decor in the office or reception area.



Black Halloween Creepy Cloth

If you already have curtains in your room, draping these over them will darken the room and give it a creepier vibe. If you're brave enough, you could add bats to it too, but definitely not spiders. Too many arachnophobic clients out there.



Opalite Crystal Ghost Statuette

There are other variations of this hand carved statuette, but I love the Opalite version. It's more ghostly and beautiful. 



Gray Glass Flameless Candles

Candles are pretty common in massage rooms, so swapping them out with the darker versions is a small change but can give your room a more spooky air.



Artificial Black Eucalyptus Stems

At some point in almost every massage therapist schooling or career, they've come across Eucalyptus. It's one of those basics in the massage realm given all the benefits of the plant as an essential oil. It's also a beautiful plant! Shifting to a black version is a simple way to decorate for Halloween.



 Candle Lantern Decoration

Maybe it was the Legend of Sleep Hollow that links Halloween and lanterns in my mind, but they are a gentle nudge towards creepiness. I keep mine out through Thanksgiving and past Christmas as well. 


And now for the not so subtle - closer to just plain fun but still fitting Halloween decorations for a massage office.


Apothecary Potion Bottles

I have a shelf in my massage office that is just essential oils and the blended oils I use for my aromatherapy sessions. These would blend in so well with the theme of aromatherapy and alchemy, but definitely more an in-your-face Halloween decoration.

Spine Candle for Gothic Decor

And lastly, the most obvious and creepy of the lot is this spine candle. It's a great poke at our work with anatomy and client will love the playful nod at Halloween.
These are my picks for the most elegant or subtle decorations for a massage office. My office's aesthetic allows for these little bits of black, it's about the third color in the palette. 
Please let me know if there are any finds that YOU have in the comments. Thank you for reading!
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