Halloween is Coming and the Geek is Ready to be FREED!

Halloween is Coming and the Geek is Ready to be FREED!

So, I admit that I love my Switch. It's by far my second favorite gaming system, my PC being the first. When they opened up so many more games you can download on it, I went crazy and added a bunch that I already owned on different platforms.


But I gotta admit that the thing I like the best about the Switch is that you can make it look like anything you want! So many shops have come out with add-ons to make your Switch look creepy, or cute. 


I've been craving Halloween since Nov 1 last year and I'm one of those that starts prepping for it as soon as August hits.


I was scrolling through Amazon and found a bunch of cute JoyCon grips that are on my wish list, so I figured I'd share.


I'm an Amazon affiliate and I may make a commission on sales, but that's not why I'm sharing these. I love love LOVE Halloween and want to show off the cute finds. 

The pics pretty much say it all!



Pink and Black Skulls





Black and White Boo's!




Glitter Skulls and Pumpkins




These are so CUTE! Their cheeks glow!





These also glow in the dark and they're adorable!




But I definitely saved the best for last -


*SQUEEEEE* I'm pretty sure I'm getting these. They're so amazingly cute!



Hope you enjoyed my little trip down cuteness/creepy lane!

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