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Massage Therapists Gift Ideas by a Massage Therapist

Massage therapists seem to be difficult for others to buy gifts for. When it comes to relaxation and stress relief, few professionals have the ability to work magic like massage therapists. We knead away tension, soothe sore muscles, and help our clients achieve a state of blissful relaxation. And when we receive the treatment ourselves, we get the best idea of just how much we heal others. It's only fitting that we show our gratitude and appreciation to these dedicated healers with gifts for massage therapists that they will love!

If you're wondering what to give the massage therapist in your life, I've put together a list of thoughtful and practical ideas that will make them feel truly valued. As a massage therapist for over 10 years, I stand by these gifts as ones I either own myself and use regularly or that I would love to receive as a gift. 

Some of these gift ideas are from Amazon and as an affiliate, I may receive a small commission for purchases made. 

Self-Care Devices for MT’s

Thera Cane Massager

thera cane for massage therapists trigger point therapy

We had these clever devices in the break rooms of almost every spa that I worked at. This ingenious self-massage tool allows me to target the sore and tense areas in my own body. They were perfect for getting that one particular knot, you know the one I’m talking about. I currently don't own one but I would love to receive one as a Christmas gift. 

There are several on the market, some that have the handles in different locations, but this is the one that I personally pick. Having both handles on the same side was always so easy to use. I have used the ones with a handle on each side and they were just clunky and confusing.

Hand, Wrist, and Arm Massage Tool

hand wrist and arm massager tool massage therapist gift


Please ignore the fact that it looks like a guillotine. This awesome device was also in the spa break rooms. We affectionately called it the forearm stripper, because stripping is something that we do to the muscles and that's what this does. I swear that “stripping a muscle” is a legitimate massage term! What this does is provide pressure along the forearms to relieve tension. Given that the forearms have most of the muscles that control the fingers and hands, it's an extremely effective tool for helping to alleviate hand and arm pain.

Finger Massager Tool

finger massage tool gift for massage therapists


The forearm stripper is really good at working on the big muscles for the hands, but sometimes it's just the fingers that hurt. Personally, I have a spot on my middle finger that I have to massage the base of the finger to alleviate pain in the furthest joint at the end of my finger. This tool helps me massage that area without me having to actually massage. It rolls along the fingers and works on the muscles at the spots inside the finger and it's really relaxing too.

Percussion Massage Gun

percussion device thera gun massage therapist gift

Let me introduce you to the Hypervolt Percussion device. It’s also been called a Theragun, but that’s a different brand. This is the one I own and it’s been an absolute lifesaver for me! It's a percussion device that not only works on the muscles itself but with the difference speeds can also trigger relaxation in other types of tissue, such as fascia. I use mine on a regular basis to the point that I'm surprised it still works haha. I’ve had it for 5 years.

When we first received one of these in the break room of one of the Spas I worked at, there was a literal line to use it. It's so easy to use and it's the best way for a massage therapist to treat themselves at the end of a rough day when they can't get a massage right after work. 

To sum up, I highly highly recommend this!

Tools That Make Massaging A Little Easier

Percussion Massage Gun

percussion device thera gun massage tool gift for massage therapists

Let me introduce you to the Hypervolt Percussion device. Yes, that is deja vu that you're experiencing. The percussion device is also a great massage tool. That was the reason that it was in the spa in the first place, because we were beginning an enhancement utilizing the device. We massage therapists just claimed it as our own and even gave it a name. Shaky. There are many modalities surrounding a massage therapist using a massage gun on their clients, it helps to break up the tissue before we go in and leads to a more effective massage. It helps save our hands and our elbows and is a great addition to deep tissue massage. 

I still, I highly highly recommend this!

Thumb Saver Massage Tool

thumb saving tool for massage therapists gift for massage

One of the first rules of massage class was to not use your thumbs. They are not as strong as we think they are, but they are incredibly strong. They can reach into places that are difficult to get to and therefore become the most used tool on things such as neck and foot massage. (Might just be me). So for people like me who focus on neck and scalp massage, my thumbs are overworked and tired. That's where this comes in. It's easy to use and can be used in two different grip styles for either thumb use or as a whole hand deep tissue tool. It looks simple but it can definitely help save massage therapist thumbs.

Hot Stone Set

hot stone set for massage therapists gift for massage therapists

In my experience, one of the most effective ways to relax the body leading to more effective work on the muscles is heat from hot stones. The application of the heat triggers an instant response in the body to calm down and allows for better communication with the muscles. I also use my stones as massage tools to help save my hands and my thumbs. Most massage therapists that work in spas deal with hot stones, but if you know an independent massage therapist who isn't yet utilizing this tool, I highly recommend this gift! It comes with various sizes of stones for different uses and comes in a heated case for easy temperature control. Another highly recommended.

Relaxation Gifts For MT’s

Paraffin Wax Machine

paraffin wax bath tub machine for massage therapists gift for massage therapists

A friend of mine bought me a paraffin wax tub just because it was on sale and I was dying to try it. I started using it at night right before I went to bed and noticed a drastic difference in my hands the next day. At first I was using the basic wax that came with it and then I switched over to a wax that had Eucalyptus in it. I cannot recommend this enough for people who use their hands and fingers for tiny detailed massages like I do. It seems like a luxury, but for a massage therapists it can be the perfect gift.

Microwaveable Therapy Mittens

microwaveable heat hand mittens for massage therapists gift for massage therapist

Along the same vein as the paraffin wax tub are these. I don't own them, but I would love to try them! It seems like it would be easy to use at any time of the day, not just before bed, and in any place that has a microwave. So if you're looking to get me a gift, consider these, hehe. 

Warm & Cool Plush Shoulder Wrap

heat and cold relaxation shoulder wrap for massage therapists gift for massage therapists

I bought a product similar to this for myself one Christmas. It's extremely helpful with the heat after a long day on my shoulders and the cool on my head when I have a headache. The one complaint I have about the one that I own is that it doesn't go high enough on the neck. I chose this one because it has a sort of collar. The way that it goes up on the neck would affect all the way up to the scalp. Oh, and it snaps together, which is just awesome. Another gift I would love to receive as a massage therapist! 

Head Scalp Massager

head scalp massager for massage therapists gift for massage therapists

The scalp is filled with reflexology points that trigger relaxation all the way down the body. That's why almost everyone loves getting their scalp massaged. The scalp massager is a great little gift for the massage therapist in your life. While using it, you enter a state of relaxation and can easily be used in the office or at home. I love mine and use it regularly.

Epsom Salt

epsom salt for baths massage therapists gifts for massage therapists

Epsom salt is amazing for the body. It's one of the best ways to rejuvenate after a long day of hard work and helps the muscles to recover from whatever you put them through. As much as we recommend Epsom salt baths to our clients, we don't take enough of them ourselves. Taking them regularly can lead to more efficient use of our bodies and greater relaxation when we have down time.

Fun Gifts for Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists Socks

funny socks for massage therapists gift for massage therapists

Two things will be innately true for massage therapists. There is a percentage of us that massage barefoot or in our socks, and that our clients will always look at our feet. So I put together some socks to entertain our clients for when we barefoot massage. These are just a few and there will be more to come, but these socks are a great gift for massage therapists to make them smile and laugh. I chose to go through Redbubble as a supplier because of all of the socks that I've tested, theirs have been the best and the ones that I wear most regularly.

Massage Therapists Car Decals

Funny car decals for massage therapists gift for massage therapists

Most massage therapists are very proud of the fact that they are massage therapist. And the ones that are truly geeky love to combine their geeky nature with their massage therapy. I'm a prime example of this. This is a collection of car decals that have put together that celebrate massage therapy and the people who perform it. You can creep people out with a clever Twist of wording for a massage, or give the full impression of just how peaceful massage can be. Either way these make it great gift that can be used on a car or a tumbler. 

Massage Therapists Stickers

stickers for massage therapists gift for massage therapists

And lastly some of the simplest gifts are the ones that bring a big smile and a lasting impression. These stickers were designed for massage therapists by a massage therapist with a slightly Twisted sense of humor. They're a great gift for the massage therapist to put on their coffee tumbler, ipad, laptop, etc. You can give them an easy gift that is just a smile and a laugh that will make others smile too.

Thank you for reading and for being here! These were just some of the massage therapist gifts that I had in mind, and I'm always welcome to More ideas. As I was doing research for this blog, I came across so many things that I would want to get myself, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend giving it to a massage therapist. But these should be good straight across the board. Please take care of yourselves and drink plenty of water!

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